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VIDEO // The Kheyman case against the anti-corruption prosecutors: “I had a proposals to testify against Morari”.a Businessman Disclosures


The criminal case in which Evgheni Kheyman accuses the former anti-corruption prosecutors Roman Statnii and the former chief prosecutor of the PA, Viorel Morari, as if he had fabricated an investigation in 2018 due to which they lacked goods worth almost two million euros, would be a “part of the war between the General Prosecutor’s Office and Viorel Morari”. At least this was stated by Mukhmad Galaev, the director of Natur Bravo, who has the status of accused in one investigation. The statements were made public in an interview given for anticorruption.md, as a reaction to the public accusations brought by Kheyman in an interview offered for a private television station in Moldova.

– I had some proposals, but I refused.
“Against Morari?”
“To testify against him.
” But I have nothing to confess against Viorel Morari. I do not even know him and have never seen him in my life.
– Don’t you know Viorel Morarai personally?
– Absolutely not! “Have you ever talked to him?”
– Never. Not even on the phone. I didn’t even see him. I only saw him in the media. I don’t know this man. How to give statements against a man I don’t even know, said Mukhmad Galaev, director of Natur Bravo

In the same interview, the businessman stated that he was subjected to certain pressures to take over the business.

I heard several rumors from the people around the prosecutor’s office that there are attempts to take over Natur Bravo through Evgheni Kheyman. There have been and still are such discussions, that there are attempts to take over the company totally because Kheyman tries or convinced certain people that in fact the company was his, because it was on his stepdaughter and he was dispossessed of her bonds including , said Galaev.

The full interview containing Galaev’s statements can be watched below:

We note that an investigation was previously made public by journalists of a private television station in Chisinau, in which the businessman from the Russian Federation, Evgheni Kheyman, accuses the former anti-corruption prosecutors Roman Statnii and Viorel Morari of fabricating an investigation, in 2018, and deprived him of goods worth almost two million euros.

As a result, the PAS deputy, Lilian Carp, urged the General Prosecutor’s Office to file a complaint on this case, asking the interim general prosecutor Dumitru Robu to verify this information and to inform if there is a criminal case and on whose name.

Subsequently, the General Prosecutor’s Office came up with a press release in which it communicated the following:

The respective circumstances are already being investigated by the General Prosecutor’s Office in a criminal case, starting with February 2020. These being investigated in the light of the offenses provided by art. 190 para. (5) (fraud), 324 para. (3) (passive corruption), 325 para. (3) (active corruption), 326 para. (3) (influence peddling), 328 para. (3) (abuse of office) Criminal Code. 2. To date, the status of accused has been granted by the case prosecutor in respect of two persons. It is about a citizen of the Russian Federation and a former prosecutor, whose names cannot be disclosed at the moment respecting the principles of confidentiality of the criminal investigation and the presumption of innocence. At the same time, we would like to specify that at the current stage, the necessary criminal prosecution actions are carried out to ensure the investigation of the circumstances of the case, objective and in all aspects, as well as to adopt the solution to be determined by the evidence administered.

Evgheni Kheyman is a citizen of the Russian Federation and declares himself a member of the Economic Council under the President of the Republic of Moldova. We remind you that his name appeared in the RISE Moldova investigation on sponsoring PSRM from offshore in the Bahamas during the 2016 presidential campaign.

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