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LAST HOUR! Is the Prosecutor General’s chair “shaking”? Doctor of Laws: “Stoianoglo, as Prosecutor General, risks being removed from office by a decision of the Constitutional Court”


The General Prosecutor, Alexandr Stoianoglo, could be dismissed from the position of Head of the General Prosecutor’s Office, and this would be possible by a Decision of the Constitutional Court. Statements in this regard were made public by the doctor of law, Teodor Cîrnaț, being invited in a television show.

It may be that in the near future, Mr. Stoianoglo, as Prosecutor General, will be removed from office by a decision of the Constitutional Court, as this Decision is similar to the Judgment of the CC of 21 May 2020 which stated that the Prosecutor General he was appointed by an unconstitutional law, but paragraph 83 stated that this did not affect the procedure for the appointment of the Prosecutor General. Today the Court invigorated its jurisprudence and said: Even if these 4 members of the SCM were appointed a year ago and the principle of irremovability applies to them, in order to guarantee the supremacy of the constitution, we revoke them from office, but the decisions adopted with the presence of these 4 members of the SCM are legal until today.

The situation is similar, says the lawyer, so the Constitutional Court opened Pandora’s Box.

I believe that the President of the Republic of Moldova, tomorrow, will submit a notification to the Constitutional Court requesting the declaration of unconstitutionality of the decree of ex-President Dodon by which he was appointed General Prosecutor, Alexandr Stoianoglo, because he was appointed by an unconstitutional law. There are two similar things and the Constitutional Court today opened the Pandora’s Box, Cîrnaț pointed out.

Present in the same studio, the political analyst Anatol Țăranu declared that the state needs a deep reform from the inside.

On the one hand, things need to be corrected, and on the other hand, so many things have gone wrong in this state, and on the other hand it is the law that defends the “crookedness” already done and then you are in a stupid situation. : either you break the law and try to correct or respect the law and then you leave it intact, which has become “crooked”. And if you break the law, you create precedents in the future, which means that nothing stable will be. We need a deep reform on the inside, the political analyst said

We remind you that, on May 21, 2020, the Constitutional Court examined the complaint filed last year by several MPs. The judges concluded that the contest by which Alexandr Stoianoglo was elected as prosecutor general was unconstitutional.

However, the judges stressed that Alexandr Stoianoglo cannot be dismissed for this reason.

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