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LAST HOUR! DOC // The main figure in the investigation of the Court of Appeal magistrate, which was tracked by Platon, was freed by PCCOCS


The individual who allegedly stood behind the tracking and wiretapping of the magistrate Angela Bostan, from the Court of Appeal, in the interest of the controversial businessman, the fugitive Veaceslav Platon, was released from detention and released from criminal investigation, at the request of prosecutor Vitalie Chișca, from PCCOCS, The individual Andrei Bahcivanji, was in 1997 Platon’s partner in the company “Neîmblînzit”. The company was liquidated in 2003, and Platon owned 70% of its shares, the others being owned by Bahcivanji, www.SafeNews.md reports with reference to www.deschide.md.

Bahcivanji was detained in the case of magistrate Angela Bostan, after SIS officers searched a luxurious villa on 13 Pavel Boțu Street, in the Malina Mică neighborhood, which was allegedly rented by Veaceslav Platon, and was the place where Andrei Bahcivanji conducted his activity., but also where Platon’s lawyer, Ion Cretu was having his office. It is worth mentioning that in the same house was also found the “trolling farm” of the controversial businessman Platon, but also where the former police officer investigated in the case of “corruption of deputies”, Vitalie Burlacu alias “Vitas” was found.

Bahcivanji was then detained for 72 hours and subsequently given an arrest warrant for 30 days. He was in the custody of Penitentiary No. 13 until today, when by an order signed by the PCCOCS prosecutor, Vitalie Chișca, Andrei Bahcivanji was released from custody and released under judicial control, the reason being that in the actions of the criminal group was not found as blackmail.

According to the order signed by Vitalie Chişca, today the latter ordered the removal of Bahcivanji from criminal investigation on a charge, namely under Article 179 of the Criminal Code (Violation of domicile), on the grounds that his actions do not meet the elements of the crime, but also revocation of the pre-trial detention measure applied to him. Thus, by the order of the PCCOCS, Bahcivanji will be investigated under judicial control based on Article 46 of the Criminal Code (Organized Criminal Group) and paragraph 1 (first) art. 177 of the Criminal Code (Violation of the inviolability of personal life)

“Illegal collection of information referred to in paragraph (1), without the consent of the person, with the use of special technical means intended for collection of information, shall be punished by a fine of 550 to 750 conventional units or unpaid work for the benefit of the community. at 200 to 240 hours ”.

Here it is worth mentioning that Bahcivanji was targeted in several raider attacks and embezzlement of companies in the energy sector, but also on JSC “Apa-Canal Chisinau” (in 2001), including in the banking and insurance sectors. The two, Platon and Bahcivanji, are also linked to another case in which they were convicted in 2017, but which at the request of Platon’s lawyers was submitted at the beginning of last year, by the Court of Appeal, for retrial in the court of first instance.

It is about the scam scheme when they tried to extract 205 million lei from the accounts of ASITO Kapital (Romania), where the shareholder was “Moldasig” SA, but also 22 million lei from “Moldasig” SA and 7.8 million dollars from the account of the company SA „Alliance Insurance Group. We remind you that on June 18, the SIS officers and the PCCOCS prosecutors unmasked the activity of an organized criminal group that set up a wiring scheme of the magistrate Angela Bostan, from the Court of Appeal.

The operation resulted in the detention of five people, most of them people from Platon’s entourage and have links with offshore companies involved in the scandal of BC “MoldovaAgroindbank”, which in 2016 were blocked by the National Bank of Moldova for activity concentrated together with 18 other offshore companies, the beneficiary of which is Veaceslav Platon, but also with the “Moldasig” file. The names of the five suspects were revealed exclusively by Deschide.MD, referring to sources.

The same names are found in the ordinance signed by Chisca. Veaceslav Platon then naively refuted the information. The recruits had the mission to gather information on one of the judges from the Court of Appeal, in whose management was the appeal of the National Commission of the Financial Market (CNPF), in the Moldasig case, after the Chisinau Court, Riscani headquarters, issued a sentence by which the controversial businessman could have regained his assets.

The PCCOCS, in press releases referring to this case, avoided declaring that it was a wiretapping scheme, but rather emphasized that it was a matter of “the inviolability of a judge’s personal life”, even if in the context of the investigation it was established that “from the actions of the target group, it results a reasonable suspicion that the crime provided by art. 46; 177 para. (11), art. 179 para. (3), art. 26, 189 paragraph (3) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova, illegal collection of information referred to in paragraph (1), without the consent of the person, using special technical means intended for hidden information and blackmail, committed by an organized criminal group “.

During a press conference, Ion Caracuian, the head of the PCCOCS, stated that the suspects, while they were already documented by prosecutors in a criminal case, stopped their wiretapping actions, after which they were detained, and during the search several documents were found, including reports. Moreover, although in the PCCOCS press release, referring to the detention of the five suspects, it was mentioned that “the criminal investigation was launched for violating the inviolability of personal life”, nevertheless Caracuian acknowledged that it was about wiretapping, but also one of the those targeted, being heard by the PCCOCS prosecutor, acknowledged the magistrate’s filing.

The five executors, Vladislav Pervuhin, Alexandru Cuba, Andrei Luchian, Andrei Tihonciuc and Ghoerghe Șcurea, remain in custody, their arrest warrant being extended, and the commander and organizer of the wiring scheme, with the help of PCCOCS prosecutors, was released.

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