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Breaking news! DOC // Grigoriu repeatedly requests for an opinion from the Superior Council of Prosecutors regarding Alexandr Stoianoglo


DA Platform MP Inga Grigoriu repeatedly addresses the Superior Council of Prosecutors, following the April 6 complaint, requesting the suspension of Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo during the examination of information in an investigation conducted by Ukrainian journalists which targeted the wife of the head of the Prosecutor’s Office. This time, Grigoriu asks if a decision was adopted by the Superior Council of Prosecutors, when and on what basis.

According to the act made public by Inga Grigoriu, this time, the notification to the Superior Council of Prosecutors comes after the statements of the Superior Council of Prosecutors member, Inga Furtună, appeared in the press, who mentioned a few days ago that “at this stage, there can be no question of Stoianoglo’s suspension. According to the law, the prosecutor can be suspended from office only if a criminal case has been initiated in his name.

We remind you that on April 6, 2021, Grigoriu notified the CSP in connection with a journalistic investigation, in accordance with the provisions of art. 262 paragraph (5) of the Criminal Procedure Code, which must be examined by the Superior Council of Prosecutors in session.

In the notification addressed to CSP, we mentioned that the journalistic investigation may also contain elements of slander or untrue information, which must be revealed at the same time as those that correspond to reality in a criminal trial with the guarantees provided by law, mentions Grigoriu.

According to it, refuting or confirming the allegations concerning the beneficial owner of the economic agents controlled by a controversial person would exclude both internal and external threats to the constitutional order, democratic development, internal security of the state, society and citizens.

The Prosecutor General is the protagonist of the investigation and that is why it is vital to clarify the facts and, I do not rule out, possibly even in his favor. The suspension from the position of the prosecutor General Mr Alexandr Stoianoglo during the examination of this referral in accordance with Article 78 (2) (a) of the Labor Code is considered a necessary step in an investigation in all respects, complete and objective. If the Prosecutor General will exercise his mandate during the investigation, it will be lacking in credibility and will continue to affect the image of the Prosecutor’s Office, Grigoriu points out.

The SafeNews.md portal presents below the notification of the deputy Inga Grigoriu to the CSP, from April 6 this year.

In this sense, Grigoriu wanted to receive a reply following the press release of the General Prosecutor’s Office, according to which: it can be deduced that either they act out of ignorance, or they are advised and guided by people who represent certain interest groups and they definitely do not want the evolution of their investigations in a format not controlled by them ”.

  In connection with the communiqué issued by the General Prosecutor’s Office on 13.04.2021, I consider that neither the position of the General Prosecutor’s Office (in fact of the general prosecutor who is referred to in that referral) nor the position of the Council’s representatives are relevant. the collegiate body adopted in a deliberative meeting, Grigoriu pointed out.

We specify that at the beginning of April, an investigation appeared in the media space of Ukrainian journalists in which information and documents are presented that would prove that the wife of the current Prosecutor General, Alexandr Stoianoglo, had in possession over 5 million US dollars from Moldindconbank. , shares belonging to companies managed by Veaceslav Platon.

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