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VIDEO // Is Filat returning the debt? “PAS must not dismiss Alexandr Stoianoglo” General Alexandr Stoianoglo should not be dismissed by PAS


Statements in this regard were made by former Prime Minister Vlad Filat, being invited on Tuesday, July 13, in a television show. Moreover, according to Filat, Stoianoglo manages to cope with the position he holds.

As far as I can remember, Stoianoglo was not yet appointed and there were already opinions that he had to leave. He is legally appointed. I think for the most part, he does his duty. I can’t be pretentious, I made a decision for myself not to resort to everything related to the national team in my case. I am waiting for the ECHR decision. I believe that the problems in the activity of the prosecutor’s office are not related to the activity of the general prosecutor, Mr. Stoianoglo.

There are much bigger problems in the system, Filat said.

He must be helped to make his rule in the institution, to have the necessary tools and to do his job further. And once again, with the opinions, the perpetrators must and must not… we need more perpetrators in the country than counselors, concluded the ex-PLDM leader.

The potential “dismissal” of Attorney General Alexandr Stoianoglo

The position of Attorney General held by Alexandr Stoianoglo is increasingly in the attention of PAS members. They no longer believe in empty excuses and promises, so they do not intend to give another chance. This is the position of the interim president of PAS, Igor Grosu, expressed following the party’s detached victory in the early parliamentary elections of July 11 this year. Moreover, the leader of the largest party to enter the Parliament said that no function is intangible.

We had very high expectations from the General Prosecutor’s Office. That at first it came, it took some time to adjust, acclimatize, understand and so on. That there are many files, that they are overloaded, that there are no capacities, but everyone had a legitimate – justified expectation: progress on resonance cases. On the main files, people should understand that big thieves cannot sleep peacefully, if the Prosecutor’s Office does its job, said Igor Grosu.

But, in addition to apologies and justifications, Igor Grosu saw thieves released from prison and resonance cases classified.

I have not seen progress. I saw thieves, on which the files were closed. I saw individuals from the Parliament, for which the Prosecutor’s Office came and said that we have to lift the immunity on about 4-6 who were left without immunity, after which he returned well, thank you in the Parliament. Yes, they will be able to tell me that the judges are to blame, but it is the prosecutors who are responsible for the quality of the evidence.

We will have a very serious evaluation of the performance and we will modify the law of the Prosecutor’s Office to allow us legally to evaluate the performance of the prosecutors, their assets, what cases they have investigated, etc. It must be a good sign for good prosecutors because good prosecutors and judges in the system are, so they need to be identified, created conditions.

Asked what he would do with the prosecutor general, Grosu hinted that his chair could shake.

No one is intangible in this country, believe me. Nobody called them there for life, so we’re going to have a serious discussion. All those who led institutions that had to fight corruption, concluded Igor Grosu.

  We remind you that, on May 21, 2020, the Constitutional Court examined the complaint filed last year by several deputies. The judges concluded that the contest by which Alexandr Stoianoglo was elected as prosecutor general is unconstitutional.

However, the judges stressed that Alexandr Stoianoglo cannot be dismissed for this reason. On July 11, 2021, the early parliamentary elections took place in the Republic of Moldova.

These were won by PAS, which garnered almost 53% of the vote and 63 seats in Parliament. It should be noted that previously, PAS criticized the activity of the General Prosecutor, Alexandr Stoianoglo, after the latter had not registered progress in the resonance cases, and the suspicion hovers that he would have favored the party until recently in government.

Does Vlad Filat return the debt after being released on parole prematurely?

In June 2019, Plahotniuc regime fell. Both Vlad Plahotniuc and Ilan Șor, who in the meantime became party leader and MPs (although sentenced by the first instance to 7 years and 6 months in prison with execution), fled Moldova through the Transnistrian separatist region, assisted by Russian officers.

On November 12, 2019, Maia Sandu government, voted by the pro-European bloc ACUM and PSRM, was dismissed with the votes of PSRM + PDM, and two days later, on November 14, 2019, PSRM + PDM quickly invested a new Government called “technocrat”, but which is fully controlled by the pro-Russian president Igor Dodon, the de facto leader of the PSRM. 19 days after the inauguration of the current Government, Vlad Filat was released early, based on a decision of Judge Victor Rațoi from the Chisinau Court – the one who on October 18, 2015 issued a warrant for pre-trial detention for 30 days on the name of Filat.

At the time, however, former President Igor Dodon claimed that the former government led by Maia Sandu was behind Filat’s release:

“This release was prepared by the former government. There are two aspects: the reduction of the term that was made by two court decisions. These decisions were not challenged by the former government. The reduction of the term of 709 days was made with the tacit approval, with the non-appeal of the decisions of the courts by the former Government and the Minister of Justice. The second aspect: who initiated the release of Filat. It was initiated by an institution subordinated to the Ministry of Justice on the day the Government led by Maia Sandu left office. It was initiated based on the unanimous decision of a commission of 11 people subordinated to the Ministry of Justice

On the other hand, Maia Sandu stated at the time that Filat had been released by Dodon’s justice:

“Dodon’s justice released Filat from prison. Let it be very clear – the government we have led has nothing in common with this decision. The decision of the “famous” judge to release Filat raises big questions, as do many other decisions adopted by the judiciary in the Republic of Moldova. Dodon’s accusations against my team are aberrant, and the complicity of Penitentiary 13, which presents a paper dating back to the day of the government’s dismissal, is a gross hoax. Dodon is the one who controls the judges and protects the corrupted. The government we led has fought constistantly against corruption and bribes. Dodon knows who to fear and does his best to discredit his opponents. But, anyway, it is a caricature compared to Plahotniuc, which he feared and got rid of only because of the ACUM. His time will come soon.”

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