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EXCLUSIVE // Viorel Morari’s brother, Oleg Morari – criminal investigation proceeding stopped for lack of evidence. Why are the authorities silent ?


Oleg Morari, the brother of the suspended chief prosecutor of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office Viorel Morari, criminal investigation proceeding stopped for lack of evidence.  An order in this regard was issued on March 16, by the prosecutor for special missions in the General Prosecutor’s Office, Mrs Carolina Vidrașcu-Brînza.

One of the defenders of the Morari family, lawyer Sergiu Moraru told the SafeNews portal that the criminal investigation proceeding  against Oleg Morari were premeditaly delayed due to the emergency situation, without communicating about it to the public and due to the fact that the criminal investigation body did not find evidence for further investigating Oleg Morari.

“Removal from criminal investigation denotes the lack of evidence of the prosecutors to further continue the criminal investigation. We find a paradox between the statements from the press briefing of the Mr. Stoianoglo’s, General Prosecutor where serious accusations were brought and the results of the criminal investigation, which invalidate Mr. Stoianoglo’s allegations. Moreover, I want to draw the attention to the fact that the initiation of the criminal investigation and the serious accusations with the violation of the principle of innocence were made with great hope being, with numerous press conferences being organised on this subject, and the removal of the criminal prosecution was made late due to the emergency state, with delayed information and without public communication. ”, mentioned the lawyer of family Sergiu Moraru.

SafeNews.md reminds that during the criminal investigation, in which the suspended head of the Anti-corruption Prosecutor’s Office and his brother Oleg Morari were targeted in an illicit enrichment investigation, house searches were carried out both at the homes of the persons concerned and at the persons close to them.

According to the disclosures made by Stoianoglo during a briefing, the prosecutors found that the mother, brother and sister-in-law of Viorel Morari, who founded and managed SRL Irarom Grup, founded in 2013, would have invested in the entrepreneurial activity financial means that substantially exceeded the revenues. officially registered at state-authorized institutions.

At the same time, prosecutors accused the suspended head of the Anti-corruption Prosecutor’s Office that his mother, who had for two years official incomes of only 2,500 lei, carried out nine transactions of cash deposit in the bank account of the company “for the increase”, of the statutory capital ”in a total amount of 3.8 million lei. This, however, was denied by the manager of the company, Oleg Morari, who presented to journalists documents demonstrating that money came from the years in which he and his parents went to work abroad. Moreover, Oleg Morari also presented copies of the 2012 statements regarding the availability of money.

Viorel Morari declared that the criminal investigation against him and his family is done at the political order of Igor Dodon, after Viorel Morari decided to restart the criminal case regarding the alleged financing of the Socialist Party from abroad.

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