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EXCLUSIVE // DOC // Illegalities in the case of Statnîi vs Kheyman. The court ordered the annulment of several ordinances issued by PCCOCS and Stoianoglo: “The solution adopted by the case prosecutor, but also by the general prosecutor contradicts the law”


New Illegalities done by prosecutors in resonance files continue to surface. This time we are talking about another case started on the name of the ex anti-corruption prosecutor, Roman Statnîi, who is accused of depriving a former adviser of ex-president Igor Dodon, Evgheni Kheyman, of his fortune. The illegalities were found by the Chisinau District Court with its headquarters in Ciocana, which ordered the annulment of an order issued by the PCCOCS case prosecutor, Vladislav Căruceru, rejecting several requests of the defense, but also the order of the General Prosecutor, Alexandr Stoianoglo, by which it was ordered to reject the appeal of the latter. Therefore, the prosecutor in the case was obliged to liquidate the detected violations of human rights and freedoms.

According to the conclusion of the judge from the Chisinau Court with Ciocana headquarters, Roman Mazureț, from August 16, 2021, in the possession of SafeNews.md, it is invoked that the criminal investigation on the case filed on Statnîi’s name was carried out with serious violations.

Namely, Statnîi, having the procedural capacity of accused, filed several complaints against the prosecutor, requesting the prosecutor to carry out criminal investigation actions (e.g. hearing witnesses, conducting confrontations, initiating letters rogatory, presenting for recognition).

Another complaint from the defense concerned the object of the indictment and its explanation to the accused and the last complaint filed regarding the verification of the legality of the application of special technical means (handcuffs) by the escort service staff to accompany the accused Roman Statnîi in pre-trial hearings and prosecuting persons who, in the opinion of the petitioner, have abused their competences.

As a result, the prosecutor in the unification of the practice in the field of criminal investigation department within the Criminal Investigation and Forensic Directorate of the General Prosecutor’s Office, Vladislav Căruceru, on 19.06.2020, issued the ordinance on rejecting all requests made by defender Sergiu Moraru and accused Roman Statnîi.

The ordinance issued by Căruceru was challenged to the General Prosecutor in the order of art. 299 ’CPC, and as a result, on 13.07.2020, the General Prosecutor, Alexandr Stoianoglo, issued an ordinance ordering the rejection of the complaint filed against the ordinance issued by prosecutor Căruceru.

Therefore, the investigating judge found that the solution adopted by the case prosecutor Vladislav Căruceru, but also by the general prosecutor Alexandr Stoianoglo is a contradictory one in fact and in law.

We remind you that Roman Statnîi is accused of abuse of office and fraud to a very large extent. The complaint against Statnîi and his alleged accomplice, Mukhmad Galaev, was written by the wife of the former director of the Natur Bravo cannery in Cupcini, Evgheni Kheyman.

He was charged and convicted of fraud. The accuser claims that the former state prosecutor fabricated, in 2018, the criminal case under the command of Vladimir Plahotniuc and the former general prosecutor, Eduard Harunjen. 

Kheyman also claims that he was threatened by the Statnîi and forced to sell goods and money worth a total of 1.8 million euros, including an apartment in London.

Evgheni Kheyman is a citizen of the Russian Federation and declares himself a member of the Economic Council under the President of the Republic of Moldova. We remind you that his name appeared in the RISE Moldova investigation on sponsoring PSRM from an offshore in the Bahamas during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Statnîi resigned in February 2020, at the suggestion of the General Prosecutor, Alexandr Stoianoglo. In May 2020, Statnîi was detained and placed in pre-trial detention, being detained for two months in Penitentiary no. 13. He was then placed under house arrest. At the moment, the former prosecutor is under judicial control.

The last resonance file managed by Roman Statnîi was the one filed for illicit enrichment of the former vice-president of the Supreme Court of Justice, Oleg Sternioală. That file which currently doesn’t have a continuation.

SafeNews.md states that this is not the only case in which the ex-prosecutor Roman Statnîi is targeted, where the prosecutors committed serious violations. Another example is the VENTO case.

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