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EXCLUSIVE // DOC // Anonymous letter about the ”ongoing theft”: The connection between Platon and Stoianoglo


An anonymous letter containing accusations against the controversial businessman Veaceslav Platon and the protection that the current general prosecutor, Alexandr Stoianoglo, is offering Veaceslav Platon, reached the e-mail addresses of several media institutions in the country.  

The SafeNews.md portal received the letter on the evening of November 25. The letter contains information regarding the organization of a “new theft in Moldova”, therefore, based on the fact that the information is of major public interest, the SafeNews.md portal decided to publish it, without being drafted.

Given that the information in this article does not belong to us, the SafeNews.md portal will support the publication of all reactions and public remarks of the nominees in the letter and we reconfirm that SafeNews.md did not reinterpret the article.

Veaceslav Platon and Alexandr Stoianoglo – two in the same boat

A new theft is planned in Moldova behind the Covid-19 pandemic. This time with the participation of the Supreme Court of Justice and with the coverage of the General Prosecutor’s Office.

The organizer of the crime is the well-known scandalous businessman Veaceslav Platon, long christened “the No. 1 raider in the post-Soviet space.” For 20 years, this financial genius with a dubious reputation has committed robberies in Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. He is the one who set up and executed the well-known “Laundromat” – the operation in which the colossal amount of about 22 billion dollars from Russia was laundered through the courts and “Moldinconbank”, an institution associated with Platon. In Russia, he is treated as one of the organizers of this fraud and has the status of accused in this resonant criminal case. In Ukraine, Platon is known for being involved in large and dubious transactions with the national company “Energoatom”. The Ukrainian press wrote a lot about Platon involvement in “recovering” the debts of the most important national company in the field of nuclear energy, which put the company at risk of bankruptcy. In addition to money laundering, Platon name appeared in resonant files related to raider attacks on the largest banks in Moldova: “Moldova-Agroindbank”, “Banca de Economii”,”Victoriabank”

As it is known, in April 2017, Veaceslav Platon was sentenced to 18 years in prison for stealing a huge amount from “Banca de Economii”. As a result, prosecutors withdrew from him and returned to the state about 800 million lei from the money stolen from the bank.

And in December 2017, Platon was sentenced to another 13 years in prison in a case regarding the embezzlement of hundreds of millions of lei from the accounts of S.A. Moldasig and S.A. “Alliance Insurance Group”. In the end, according to the law, the judges sentenced him to a cumulative sentence of 25 years in prison.

From that moment begins the story of a very interesting release, a spell, of the budding Count of Monte Cristo! Meanwhile, the political situation in the Republic of Moldova has destabilized, governments change every few months and no one was interested in Platon.  

Thus, Platon decided to obtain his release first, to have his terms of detention annulled and his conviction in the second case pending, all pending before the Criminal College of the Supreme Court of Justice. The members of the College, at that time, included judges Iurie Diaconu, Ion Guzun, Liliana Catan, Dumitru Mardari, Maria Ghervas.  

According to the information that we have, on October 29, 2019, Platon paid 300 thousand euros to each of the above-mentioned judges, and they annulled the previous decision of the Criminal College of the Chisinau Court of Appeal and sent Platon case regarding the embezzlement. of hundreds of millions of lei available in SA accounts Moldasig and S.A. “Alliance Insurance Group” for re-examination, again, at the Chisinau Court of Appeal. As Platon prayed, the College reunited in another composition.

The Criminal College, which then examined Plato’s case, had the following judges: Ion Pleşca, Elena Cojocaru, Silvia Gârbu. Platon “investments” in the welfare of these judges amounted to 200 thousand euros each. As a sign of gratitude for the mentioned “investments”, the Criminal College of the Chisinau Court of Appeal, in the already mentioned composition, definitively annulled the conviction in this case, Platon being thus acquitted in this case.

After testing the “mechanism” that set him free on this criminal case, the evil genius carried out an operation for his final release. As all the courts in the Republic of Moldova confirmed the verdict in the first case of Platon on the theft from “Banca de Economii”, Platon appealed to the plenum of the Supreme Court of Justice of Moldova, where the decision is taken not by a single panel of magistrates of a Criminal College of the Court Supreme Court of Justice of Moldova, but by all judges of the Criminal Colleges. At that time there were eight judges: Vladimir Timofti, Nadejda Toma, Anatolie Țurcanu, Elena Cobzac, Victor Boico, Iurie Diaconu, Ion Guzun, Liliana Catan. This time the tax increased to 400 thousand euros for each. For an additional payment, the last one on the list, Liliana Catan, promised to convince the undecided.

Therefore, on June 15, 2020, Veaceslav Platon was in the front of the prison promising how he will return to the country everything that has been plundered and how justice will triumph.

In 2020 the beneficiary and the director of the company were changed. Oleg Lucanov was replaced by the Ukrainian citizen Sergei Revva (a.n. 10.1977)

It should be mentioned that the new beneficiary and director of SYMBOL WOOD LIMITED, Serghei Revva, is Palton’s trusted person and they have direct connections through his wife Evghenia Tulcevskaia. Revva’s wife – Dina Gashnikova is related to Plato’s wife, Evghenia Tulcevskaia. It turns out that Plato lied when he said he had nothing to do with SYMBOL WOOD LIMITED.

Those circumstances also show the existence of close links between Veaceslav Platon and Alexandr Stoianoglo.

A source close to Platon claims that, at present, Stoianoglo’s interests are also found in all of Platons business projects. This would guarantee his release and protection from prosecution.

Ensuring the full protection of the Prosecutor General, who is at large, Veaceslav Platon is beginning to prepare the ground for a new blow to Moldova’s financial sector.

His actions are fully supported by Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo, who offered him several collaborators of the prosecutor’s office who must help him multilaterally in carrying out the scenario described above.

It is also known that Platon is assisted in preparing the attack on the financial sector of Moldova by:

  • Marohina Marina Vladimirovna, a citizen of the Republic of Moldova, a.n. 1989, who worked as a manager of the Banking Operations Department at Moldindconbank, who was wanted and who hid abroad for four years.

In mid-October 2020, she returned to the country under the guarantee offered by Alexandr Stoianoglo that she would not be held criminally liable. She helps Platon in his work with international companies.

  • Mazina Ludmila Nikolaevna, a citizen of Ukraine, a.n. 1968, Plato’s trusted person since the mid-2000s, one of the shareholders of “Moldindconbank”, responsible for financial matters. Hides from criminal prosecution in Ukraine.
  • Balica Alexandr Vasilevici, citizen of the Republic of Moldova, a.n. 1975, Platon’s trusted person since the mid-2000s, responsible for resolving legal issues, preparing documents. Hides from criminal prosecution in Ukraine.

Today we can say with certainty that the target of the attacks of Veaceslav Platon and his curators are the largest banks and insurance companies in Moldova, namely:


The scheme on “Victoriabank” was developed by Plato and proposed to Stoianoglo on May 29, 2020.

The realization of this scheme was started by the Prosecutor’s Office in August 2020, after Platon was released and under his guidance.

Thus, in August 2020, the Moldovan court, at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, seized the assets of “Victoriabank” for a total amount of approximately 2 billion lei.

The purpose of the attack was to destabilize the bank’s business, to sow panic among customers and to undermine the confidence of foreign investors and international organizations in this banking institution. Despite numerous statements from the IMF, EBRD, MEPs and many others, the illegal seizure of “Victoriabank” has not been lifted, and the bank continues to bear all the risks associated with such a measure.

Insurance companies Asito, Moldasig, Alliance Insurance Group:

Now, Platon is probing the ground for a new blow, this time to insurance companies. Its actions are consistent and well calculated.


On 25.08.2020, Platon restores, in the UK register, the company Windon & Flanders Limited, which held the controlling stake in ” ASITO “, amounting to 50.127% of the statutory capital.

From the moment of applying the sanctions, in August 2016 and until the moment of Plato’s release from Penitentiary no. 13, in June 2020, Windon & Flanders Limited did not take any action to defend its rights with regard to the ASITO package.

However, immediately after the cessation, in June 2020, of the criminal investigation against Plato in the Republic of Moldova, Windon & Flanders Limited begins to take action in this direction.

On 08.07.2020, in the address “ASITO” (current name – “ASITO Direct”) is sent a notification with no. 2 requesting payment of the financial means following the cancellation of the package of shares, one of the signatories being the director of Windon & Flanders Limited – citizen of the Russian Federation, Alexandr Starovoitov (Note that Windon & Flanders Limited could not sign the notification, because, at that time, the company was liquidated).

Restoring on 25.08.2020 the activity of the company Windon & Flanders Limited, Platon starts to sue the National Commission of the Financial Market (CNPF) at the Court of sect. Rascani, for his rights over the package of shares from “ASITO”.

Following this trial, Platon seeks to obtain a court decision confirming the illegality of CNFP’s actions and offering him the right to seek compensation from the state of the Republic of Moldova.

Platon controls Windon & Flanders Limited through the nominal director and the company, the citizen of the Russian Federation, Alexandr Starovoitov.

Starovoitov A.M. has been working for Veaceslav Platon since the late 2000s and is an active member of the criminal group organized by Plato, which deals with the illegal withdrawal of money from the Russian Federation.

Starovoitov is closely linked to Platon through the Russian citizen Lev Vladimirovich Pahomov.

Pahomov is Platon closest confidant and was directly involved in withdrawing money from Russia, according to the Moldovan scheme. Pahomov currently has the status of accused in this case and is detained in “Matrosskaia Tișina” together with Elena Platon and Alexei Sobolev.

Pahomov and Starovoitov are old acquaintances and act as “nominal values” in various companies controlled by Plato.

In the interests of Plato, Pahomov (indirectly through LLC “TIKINVEST”) and Starovoitov own a Russian company – LLC “Energoremservice”, OGRN code: 1027708005676.

It should be noted that in 2014 Veaceslav Platon used LLC “TIKINVEST” in disputes with the Republic of Moldova in the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce for the right to hold shares in BC “VICTORIABANK”.

SRL “Energoremservice” is listed in criminal cases of money laundering in the Russian Federation. In particular, Plato, together with Lev Pahomov, Alexander Starovoitov and other members of the criminal group, used LLC “Energoremservice” for the illegal withdrawal of funds from the following Russian banks: “Intercapital-Bank”, “Russkii Zemelny Bank”, “Baltika Bank”. Law institutions in Russia have established the involvement of LLC “Energoremservice” in money laundering in the Russian Federation.


08/27/2020. Platon extends in the British register the activity of the company Wesna LTD, which held 4.9917% of the shares „Moldasig”.

Platon controls Wesna LTD through the nominal director and the beneficiary – the Ukrainian citizen Igor Agapotov.

After that, Platon begins, on behalf of Wesna LTD, a lawsuit with the National Commission of the Financial Market of Moldova at the Chisinau Court, Sect. Rascani in which he wins his right over the “Moldasig” shares.

The purpose of the process is to obtain a court decision confirming the illegality of the actions of the National Financial Market Commission and which will give it the right to receive compensation from the state of the Republic of Moldova.

The case was examined by the magistrate of the Chisinau Court, Sect. Rascani, Olesea Turcan.

At the same time, the schedule of court hearings shows a burning desire of the judge to examine the case, so she set the file to be examined three days in a row, which is not typical for ordinary cases.

All the lawyers with whom I have discussed this issue say that such a rush can take place in two cases: (1) when the judge is under administrative pressure, for example, from the Prosecutor’s Office, (2) when the judge is “satisfied ”(Being bribed).

We do not know exactly which of the two cases was applied in this situation, but the fact remains obvious – the magistrate of the Chisinau Court, Sect. Rascani, Olesea Turcan helped Plato to apply a scheme to destabilize the economic situation in Moldova, declaring illegal the actions of the NCFM of the Republic of Moldova, thus giving him the opportunity to seek compensation from the state of Moldova.

This illegal decision of the first instance was appealed to the Court of Appeal.

Alliance Insurance Group (AIG)

Platon controls Bellefond Invest Limited through its nominal director and beneficiary, the Ukrainian citizen Denis Savchenko.

After that, on behalf of the company Bellefond Invest Limited, Platon initiates a lawsuit with the National Commission of the Financial Market at the Chisinau Court, Rascani sector, for the ownership of AIG shares.

The purpose of this judicial process is to obtain judicially the confirmation of the illegality of the NCFM actions and to offer it the right to receive compensations from the state of the Republic of Moldova.


Ludmila Mazina, in the interests of Veaceslav Platon, was the holder of 4.35% of the shares of “Moldindconbank”.

In 2016, it was sanctioned by the National Bank, and its shares were canceled, and others were issued, which were sold to another investor.

The law stipulates that the financial means obtained from the sale of such shares, the bank must pay to the damaged shareholders, who have been sanctioned.

Based on this, Veaceslav Platon initiated a lawsuit on behalf of Ludmila Mazina on the right to monetary compensation.

The purpose of this lawsuit is to obtain a court decision, which would give Platon the right to monetary compensation.

Platon successful completion of all legal proceedings involving Moldovan banks and insurance companies will pose a real threat and may destabilize the economic situation in Moldova, including by withdrawing another billion that he warned in his speeches and Maia Sandu.

The well-known crook Veaceslav Platon found himself again on the wave of events, which may result in the theft of another billion. This time, for the country and all of us, its consequences can be truly catastrophic.

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