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DOC // A member of the Superior Council of Magistracy questions the impartiality of the National Integrity Authority: “The act of finding regarding me was influenced by people from the entourage of ex-president Dodon”


The member of the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM), Dorel Musteaţă, in respect of whom the National Integrity Authority (ANI) issued an investigation last year, questions the independence of the institution and the observance of the principle of random file distribution, SafeNews.md reports reference to anticorruption.md.

The magistrate submitted a notification to the Integrity Council and to the Intelligence and Security Service, requesting that the actions of the decision-makers within ANI be verified when allocating the verification procedures regarding him, Judge Gheorghe Balan and Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Vladislav Bobrov, came under the management of the integrity inspector, Adrian Fetescu.

“I consider that the principle of random distribution has been violated, only if the latter has any special powers regarding the verification of judges and prosecutors or direct subordination to the President of the Republic of Moldova.”

Asked by reporters of the Anticoruptie.md portal, Dorel Musteaţă stated that he has information indicating that Fetescu was influenced in the decision-making by the employees of the presidential apparatus during Igor Dodon’s presidential term.

“I made inquiries at various institutions, I have more information that led me to that conclusion. It raises questions that several people uncomfortable with the interests of those in the entourage of the former head of state have come to be verified by Inspector Fetescu. I have information about his connections with former employees of the presidential apparatus, which I will make public at the Council meeting “, the magistrate specified.

Contacted by phone, Judge Gheorghe Balan told us that he also submitted a complaint to the National Integrity Authority.

“I heard that similar complaints were filed by Dorel Musteaţă and Vladislav Bobrov. I have no evidence that Fetescu was influenced by Dodon’s men. But it is suspicious that the procedures for verifying the inconveniences of the ruling party have reached this integrity inspector. I was charged with the late filing of the Declaration of assets and personal interests and in my case a misdemeanor trial was initiated which is being examined at the Criuleni Court. I do not recognize the fact that I am being incriminated. As for random distribution, they are stories for the gullible. The files with interests reach those who need them “, the magistrate declared to us.

Maria Dastic, ANI’s press officer, said it was “a new attack on ANI’s image and independence.”

“Several complaints have been received regarding Musteaţă. Regarding Bobrov, ANI filed a complaint ex officio, following the verification of the Declaration of wealth and personal interests, which was submitted late. As for the notification filed on behalf of Gheorghe Balan, the verification procedure has not yet started. These are different periods and the accusations are absurd. Many do not like it when ascertainment documents are issued and they invent all kinds of schemes “, concluded the ANI representative.

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