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Democrats from the “captured state” period are back in office. Vitalie Bîrsan was appointed as Head of the Department of Vehicle Registration and Driver Qualification of Agency for Public Service


Governments change, however, officials from the “captured state” period change only their functions, from one institution to another. This is also the case of his 50-year-old Bîrsan Vitalie Efim, who was allegedly appointed on 24.08.2021, as Head of the Department of Vehicle Registration and Driver Qualification of the I.P. “Public Services Agency”.

Bîrsan Vitalie Efim was appointed on 31.05.2017 as Director of the State Material Reserves Agency, through the contribution and insistence of the Secretary General of PDM, Mr. Constantin Botnari. He exercised this function until November 6, 2017, when following the reform of the Filip Government, the functions of the State Material Reserves Agency were transferred according to the competence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. On November 7, 2017, Mr. Bîrsan Vitalie was appointed by Government Decision 941/2017 as Secretary of State, responsible for crisis management and emergencies, state material reserves and mobilization, at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, led by Minister Jizdan Alexandru, with whom he has very good relations. In his professional activity, due to the support of Mr. Constantin Botnari, he has a fairly successful career, during a short period he was promoted to leadership position in the Ministry of Interior, a position he held until the fall of the Filip Government, namely after the events of July 2019. He resigned as Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior on July 18, 2019. Following the investment of the Maia Sandu Government, being in friendly relations with Mr. Mircea Eșanu, the interim director of I.P. “P.S.A.”, is appointed deputy head of department at the Department of Vehicle Registration and Driver Qualification, a position he performs for a period of approx. 3 months, being released from office following the disciplinary violations identified following a Service Investigation (February 2020). Subsequently, on April 27, 2020, he was employed by Order no. 55 at the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Moldova, by Minister Alexandru Pînzari, at the request of the Secretary General of PDM, Alexandru Jizdan, in the position of head of the Transformation Directorate, a position he holds until August 24, 2021, when he is appointed by his friend his Mircea Eșanu (again appointed director of the Public Services Agency), head of the Department of Vehicle Registration and Driver Qualification of IP “PSA”. Since 2017, active member of the Democratic Party of Moldova,he participates in the election campaign for the parliamentary elections of February 24, 2019, being involved in the mobile team of President Adrian Candu, having numerous meetings in the districts with representatives of law enforcement, police, fire , where he gave direct orders for involvement in the election campaign and massive support of the Democratic Party of Moldova.

He was also involved in the electoral campaign in constituency 33 (mun. Chisinau – suburbs), where he actively supported the PDM candidate, Mr. Constantin Țuțu. Within the PDM he was promoted by the Secretary General, Constantin Botnari (until July 2019) and by the Secretary General of the PDM, Mr. Alexandru Jizdan (from September 2020).

Before the promotion of Mr. Bîrsan Vitalie by the General Secretary of PDM, Mr. Constantin Botnari, he had various economic activities, being the founder and employee of various economic agents, such as: SRL “Azimuth retail” (trade of textiles and sports equipment), “Association for Sustainable Development Kratos” (founder since May 11, 2017) and is the founder of the Religious Community of the True Orthodox Church (founded on February 21, 2017, Singerei town, 4 Lermontov Street).

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