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AUDIO // ZdG: Platon asks Iaralov what answers to give to Plahotniuc’s lawyers, in a trial in the Netherlands. Candu and Andronachi – targeted in the telephone conversation between the two


The controversial businessman Veaceslav Platon was recorded during a telephone conversation while asking Sergei Yaralov, the former vice-president of the Democratic Party (PDM), what answers to give to the lawyers of the former leader of the Democrats Vladimir Plahotniuc in the trial between Victor and Viorel Topa and Vladimir Plahotniuc which took place in the Netherlands at that time.

The recording was sent to  ZdG stating that the discussion between Veaceslav Platon and Serghei Iaralov would have taken place between 2015 and 2016, when Victor and Viorel Topa were on trial in the Netherlands with the former president of the Democrats, Vladimir Plahotniuc, accusing him. that he was involved in the raider attack on the commercial bank “Victoriabank”.

Asked by ZdG, Veaceslav Platon claims that the recording was published on the Internet in 2016, by his lawyer at the time, Ana Ursachi, and that this conversation between him and Iaralov was part of a plan he had established with Victor and Viorel Topa, to demonstrate how Plahotniuc, according to Plato, put pressure on him not to testify in court.

In the telephone conversation, which is conducted in Russian, Platon tells Iaralov that he was contacted by English lawyers hired by Plahotniuc for the trial in the Netherlands. In this context, Platon tells him that Plahotniuc’s defenders asked him several questions about the bank’s transactions, about the agreements between the parties, but also other questions related to the case and asks Iaralov to tell him what to do. they answer to the English lawyers, but also what depositions to submit in this respect.

In the telephone conversation, Plato mentions the former president of the Parliament, the democrat Andrian Candu, the former leader of PDM Marian Lupu and respectively the ex-president of the democrats, Vladmir Plahotniuc, implying that the names of the three appear in that trial. In reply, Yaralov tells Platon that he has no “information” on how to proceed and what answers the businessman should give to lawyers, but tells him that he will contact Democrat Vladimir Andronachi, the current member of parliament. from Chisinau, and he in turn will contact Platon and tell him what to say to Plahotniuc’s lawyers.

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