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PPDA MP, Inga Grigoriu, called and offended by Veaceslav Platon: “He tried to intimidate me”


The controversial businessman Veaceslav Platon called MP Inga Grigoriu on Wednesday to demand accountability after she published documents and said she had other evidence of his involvement in the Russian Laundromat and the plundering of the Moldovan banking system, she said.

“He spoke loudly. He first held me accountable because I did not interview him personally. I explained to him that it was not within the competence of a parliamentary commission of inquiry to hear the accused in criminal cases. We hear representatives of the state institutions, we try to mobilize these institutions to do their job “, said Inga Grigoriu for the Anticorruption.md portal.

The deputy specified that Platon called her and accused her of being a liar.

“He tried to intimidate me, but I am not the person who is intimidated by such individuals. Platon’s telephone intervention will not stop me, on the contrary, it mobilizes me to investigate the fraud until the end “, Grigoriu declared.

Asked if she would denounce Platon for the telephone intervention, Inga Grigoriu said that she would abstain, but she would tell law enforcement agencies that Platon tried to intimidate her.

The president of the Laundromat Parliamentary Commission, the deputy of the PPDA Platform, Inga Grigoriu, made public, on Wednesday, new details from the scheme of the Russian money laundering through Moldova, in which the companies behind the controversial businessman Veaceslav Platon are involved.

Grigoriu also referred to the offshore company Ronida Invest LTD, which is allegedly involved in both Russian money laundering and banking fraud, says Inga Grigoriu, bringing documentary evidence.

We remind you that the other day Veaceslav Platon was acquitted in the bank fraud case, a qualified decision controversial and politicized by several analysts and lawyers.

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