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DOC// Viorel Morari’s file: The state owes over 400 thousand lei (20.000, 00 Euros) to the brother of the suspended head of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office


The Main State Fiscal Inspectorate found that following a control carried out at the request of the General Prosecutor’s Office that Irarom SRL, which belongs to Oleg Morari, the brother of the suspended head of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, Viorel Morari, paid additional taxes of 441,095 lei to the state during the 2018-2019 time period. As a result, the General Prosecutor’s Office closed the criminal case filed for tax evasion in particularly large proportions and removed Oleg Morari and the company’s accountant, Viorel Grăjdian, from criminal prosecution.

Currently, the mother of the Morari brothers and the company’s accountant, Viorel Grăjdian remain as accused, in another case filed for money laundering and illicit enrichment. Previously, Oleg and Viorel Morari had the status of suspects in that case, but they were removed from criminal investigation due to lack of evidence.

Asked by the www.anticoruptie.md portal, Oleg Morari stated that both cases for tax evasion and the one for money laundering and illicit enrichment were filed to put pressure on his brother (Viorel Morari) to silence him. 

“I am sure that the case for money laundering and illicit enrichment will be closed, as well as the one for tax evasion. The company is mine, but several years ago I registered it in my mother’s name, because I had some personal family problems, due to the divorce process”. My mother sent money while she worked in Italy, she helped me, but she has no attribution to the company’s activity, nor does she have any idea about the transactions and contracts I signed. What kind of money laundering and illicit enrichment is it if we still have millions of debts to creditors”, Oleg Morari told us.

Oleg Morari also said that the criminal cases filed during this year affected not only his image, but also the economic activity of the company. 

“At the request of Moldovan prosecutors, searches were carried out at the headquarters of companies in Germany and Poland. All the documents were in perfect order, they found nothing. But people were stressed. If before there were relationships based on trust, they released my goods and allowed me to pay in installments, it is no longer so. Partners from abroad have made it clear to me that they do not want to cooperate because I have problems with the law. We had plans to expand the business, but now they stopped”, Oleg Morari told us.

The brother of Viorel Morari claims that his accountant is not to blame either: 

“In February, he was placed in pre-trial detention in Penitentiary no. 13. Then the accusation was filed against him. The accountant had no decision-making power, no right to sign or stamp anything. In reality, he was put under pressure and asked to provide compromising information about my brother”.

We specify that, after the appointment of Alexandr Stoianoglo as general prosecutor, Viorel Morari was suspended from the position of head of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, and two criminal cases were initiated on his name, for abuse of office and another for illicit enrichment.

Several people, the mother, the brother and the accountant from the brother’s company were indicted in the case for illicit enrichment. Subsequently, Oleg Morari was released from criminal investigation, and a while later, Viorel Morari was also released from pre – trial detention.

Currently, on the name of Viorel Morari there is only the case filed for abuse of office, which is pending at the Chisinau Court.

Viorel Morari has repeatedly stated that these investigations are fabricated and represent a political order after he started a criminal case regarding the illegal financing of the Socialist Party.

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