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DOC // Reniță asks the General Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the president and his wife Galina Dodon


After the SafeNews.md portal published an article presenting the document proving that Galina Dodon had the right to sign for the administration of the accounts of the company “Exclusiv Media” from “Victoriabank”, the Member of Parliament Iurie Reniță also publishes the document.

According to him, the right to the first signature enables the wife of the president to get involved in the company’s administrative process. Petru Burduja and Corneliu Furculiță, are only there to cover the real beneficiaries of the business “Exclusiv Media” SRL – namely Igor and Galina Dodon. At the same time, today, MP Reniță announces that he sent a request to the General Prosecutor’s Office requesting the investigation of Galina Dodon, socialist deputies and other persons directly affiliated to PSRM, involved in money laundering through “Exclusiv Media” SRL.

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“One of the sources of illegal financing of Igor Dodon’s in his 2016 presidential campaign was coming from the Russian Federation through the Bahamas, through which about 1.5 million euros (33 million 389,067 Moldovan lei) were laundered. Subsequently, this money was “borrowed” through the company “Exclusiv Media” SRL to several PSRM leaders, the amount ranging between 6.5 million and 500,000 lei.

It should be mentioned in this context that this company – “Exclusiv Media” SRL – has become an important link in money laundering. From the documents previously presented, both to the public and to the General Prosecutor’s Office, it results that the presidential couple Igor and Galina Dodon were involved in these illegal operations, the latter having the right to sign a bank statement in the name of “Exclusiv Media” SRL. The right to the first signature enables the holder (Galina Dodon) to participate in the effective management of the company’s assets and to get involved in the administration process, which makes a difference from other employees of “Exclusive Media” LLC ( in the appendix please see the Sheet with specimen signatures and the imprint of the stamp, which also includes that of Galina Dodon).

The presence of Dodon’s affiliate, Corneliu Furculiță, as founder of “Exclusiv Media” SRL and administrator Petru Burduja seems to be, rather, a classic cover to cover up the real owners, beneficiaries and decision makers of this business – the Dodon family”, writes Reniță on his Facebook page.

Reniță is convinced that:

“Exclusiv Media SRL is one of the businesses of the Dodon family, with multiple branches of kinship and docile intermediaries, including the involvement (perhaps even decisive!) of Russian tycoon Igor Ceaika, who officially appears in documents as co-owner of the television stations” such as “The first in Moldova”and “Accent TV ”, with a 51% share in the shareholding of the Russian company Media Invest Service, the founder of Telesistem TV, and owns both channels”.

Moreover, the MP Reniță also emphasizes the fact that “through this Russian chain also generous sponsorship are coming“, ”sponsorships of the activity of the charity foundation“ From the heart ”of the“ first Lady ”, which according to him, is fully and primarily involved in political-electoral actions and less in charitable ones”.

Reniță also referred to the fact that in his 2015 wealth and income declaration, when Igor Dodon was the president of PSRM and member of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, he did not indicate the quality of member of the management body of “Exclusiv Media” SRL, of his wife. Galina Dodon, mentioned in the Declaration of wealth and income for 2015 only the fact that his wife Dodon Galina received a salary of 54,075 lei from “Exclusiv Media” SRL. Respectively, the Renita claims that the General Prosecutor’s Office is obliged by law to act.

„In the impartial, examination of the money laundering operation“ the Bahamas investigation ”the General Prosecutor’s Office, including its specialized structures, are obliged by the legislation to act in strict accordance with the provisions of art. 63 (7) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which establishes very clearly the following aspects: “The interrogation as a witness of the person against whom there is certain evidence that he has committed a crime is prohibited.”

Moreover, following these investigations, Reniță claims that the PG should request the lifting of the immunity of some deputies.

“After presenting all the documents regarding the indisputable involvement of deputies Corneliu Furculiță, Vasile Bolea, Vladimir Odnostalco and Petru Burduja in money laundering through Igor Dodon’s LLC” Exclusiv Media “through the Bahamas, there is enough legal evidence for the long-awaited presence in the plenary session of the Parliament of the Prosecutor General with the request to lift the parliamentary immunity of the above-mentioned persons, all members of the Socialist Party, “informal” leader of which is the current head of state Igor Dodon.

At the same time, the deputy presented the complete list of the leading members of PSRM, who benefited from interest-free loans from 6.5 million to 500,000 lei through the company “Exclusiv Media” SRL for the illegal financing of Igor Dodon’s presidential campaign from 2016, which were obtained at the request of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office from the tax authorities.

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