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Deputy: Dodon and his foreign policy doctrine. He arrogates powers, which the Constitution does not confer to the head of state


The deputy of the DA Platform, Iurie Reniță warns about the fact that “contrary to the existing legal provisions, Igor Dodon arrogates powers, which the Constitution does not confer to the head of the state”. These statements come after the launch of Igor Dodon in the presidential election campaign and the presentation of his platform on foreign policy. According to article no. 86 of the Constitution regarding the powers of the President relating to foreign policy, Iurie Reniță mentions the following powers.

“The Foreign Policy agenda, presented by the most anti-national President that the Republic of Moldova has ever had since ’91, on the occasion of his launch into the presidential campaign, is a classic show of docility towards the Russian Federation. Contrary to the existing legal provisions, Igor Dodon arrogates his powers, which the Constitution does not confer to the head of state. As confirmation of the above, we reproduce in full Article no. 86 of the Constitution on the attributions of the President in the field of foreign policy: (1) The President of the Republic of Moldova shall be empowered to hold official negotiations, conclude international treaties on behalf of the Republic of Moldova and to submit them, in the manner and term established by the law, to the Parliament for ratification. (2) Upon proposal of the Government, the President of the Republic of Moldova accredits and recalls diplomatic representatives of the Republic of Moldova, as well as approves the setting up, cancellation or changing of the ranking of diplomatic missions. (3) The President of the Republic of Moldova receives the letters of accreditation and of recall of foreign diplomatic representatives in the Republic of Moldova.

In this context, MP Reniță mentions that the president of a parliamentary state can only come up with suggestions, proposals and initiatives in the field of foreign policy, but all this must be approved by the Parliament and implemented by the Government.

“For any person with basic knowledge in the field of International Relations and Diplomacy (except Igor Dodon), it is very clear that in the case of the first paragraph these activities are carried out by the Government (through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration) and Parliament (ratification), with the President having regard to the procedural (technical) part. The powers of the President in this paragraph will never be possible if the Government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration) and the Parliament do not participate in this process. Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of Article 66 of the Constitution, the Parliament approves the main directions of the internal and foreign policy of the state, and according to Article 96 of the Supreme Law the Government ensures the implementation of the internal and foreign policy of the state. having a protocol and procedural character. Likewise, paragraphs 2 and 3 of Article 96 of the Constitution cannot be implemented by the President without the initiative and contribution of the Government and Parliament. Only these rights are conferred on the head of state by the Constitution in the field of foreign policy, nothing more A President, in a country with a parliamentary regime (as is the case of the Republic of Moldova) is obliged to respect the Strategic Directions of the state in the field of foreign policy, approved by the Parliament and implemented by the Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. It is also clear that the head of state can come up with suggestions, proposals and initiatives in the field of foreign policy, but all this must be in line with the decisions of the Parliament and the Government in that field, i.e be examined and approved by the two fundamental institutions of the state.

Due to the involvement and complicity of the partners from the Democratic Party, Igor Dodon “presents his objectives in the field of Foreign Policy as if he were, both, the Parliament and the Government”, considers Iurie Reniță

“Since so far we have referred only to the legal (constitutional) aspects of the head of state in the field of foreign policy, we will continue to examine the content of the document (file), presented by him on the occasion of launching the presidential campaign under the heading FOREIGN POLICY . Contrary to the constitutional provisions, Igor Dodon again assigns responsibilities that do not belong to the head of state. Starting from the still existing realities, having as accomplices and partners those from the Democratic party, Dodon presents his objectives in the field of Foreign Policy as if he were, both, the Parliament and the Government. Both the form, not to mention the content of the file, betrays a total lack of respect for the Constitution and the laws of our state. Dodon alone establishes the Strategic Directions in the field of foreign policy, premeditatedly substituting the responsibilities that, in fact, belong to the Parliament. As this is not the first time he has allowed such illegalities, with the tacit consent of the leadership of the Parliament and the Government, he produces a “true masterpiece / masterpiece”, which would be ashamed even of a first-year student at the faculty. of International Relations. Ignoring the unconstitutional character of the strategic directions contained in the file, I propose to examine its 9 compartments:
THE BRIDGE BETWEEN EAST AND WEST. An older and outdated story, launched with the achievement of Independence from the Soviet empire and the signing by President Mircea Snegur of the Agreement on the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the CIS on December 21, 1991, in Alma-Ata. The Baltic countries have not signed the document. The find with the bridge between East and West did not, in reality, have any serious economic, social or political relevance or efficiency, this appearing only in the mentality and demagogic statements of the political factors in Chisinau, which always lured us with the rivers of milk from the Eurasian sheep and from the chubby and generous western cow. The case of the Baltic States has amply demonstrated the inconsistency of these demagogic statements. The geographical factor is no longer relevant today in East-West bridge stories, but rather is the coherent, consistent and predictable foreign policy that you promote internationally (again, I return to the example of the Baltics). Only a short-sighted person who is politically or totally subordinated to Eastern interests can still consider and promote the idea that Western countries would need the “Moldovan bridge” to build their direct relations with Eastern states. Therefore, demagoguery and ideological manipulation to keep the “Moldovan bridge” permanently connected to the Eastern (Russian) path.
2. THE NEUTRALITY STATUS OF MOLDOVA. It is the sovereign right of any sovereign state to decide, on its own, its political, economic or geopolitical options. This right is enshrined in the most relevant international documents (UN Charter, Helsinki Final Act, Paris Charter for a New Europe, etc.), as well as in the fundamental principles of international law. The reference to the neutrality model of Austria, Sweden and Finland is inconsistent and purely demagogic, with an obvious political and even electoral tinge. I will refer to a very conclusive example: even if they are neutral states, the 3 countries have, in some cases, a much more active and consistent participation in NATO programs and projects (under the auspices of the Partnership for Peace) than even many North Atlantic Alliance member countries. Austria, Sweden and Finland receive annual financial assistance of many millions of euros through multiple projects with NATO. A fundamental factor that distinguishes the 3 neutral states from the so-called neutrality of the Republic of Moldova: none of them have foreign armies on their territory, as in our case. The permanent neutrality of the Republic of Moldova would be relevant only if the Russian occupation army was no longer on our territory, a fact confirmed at the highest legal and political level by the Constitutional Court. The promotion to the UN of a special Resolution on permanent neutrality, but with the Russian army on our territory, is an extremely dangerous aberration for the security and territorial integrity of our state. This “strategic priority” in the field of foreign policy, promoted with so much zeal and insistence by Igor Dodon, betrays its total subordination to the interests of the Russian Federation. First we withdraw the Russian army and its ammunition from our territory, in accordance with the UN General Assembly Resolution of June 22, 2018, and only after that we will see what kind of neutrality is convenient for the Republic of Moldova, otherwise any politician in our country who promotes these “strategic desideratum” make the Kremlin’s game.
3. COOPERATION OF MOLDOVA WITH THE NON-ALLIGNED MOVEMENT. I would not like to dwell too much on this Dodonist desideratum, because it is, one hundred percent, a Russian plea that Moscow necessarily wants to implement in the Republic of Moldova, as well as the so-called permanent neutrality recognized by the UN, but with the occupation army on our territory. Does the poorest and most corrupt European state, with its territorial integrity undermined, want to join the non-alignment movement? It is easy to understand which are interesting and which state they serve.
4. COOPERATION WITH STRATEGIC PARTNERS – USA, CHINA AND TURKEY. Even if it placed the USA first in the list of priority countries, this fact does not give credibility, but also the need to really establish the strategic partners of the Republic of Moldova. Excluding the EU and the countries of the European Union, with special reference to Romania and Ukraine from this list, giving them only a secondary role, betrays the orientation, but also Dodon’s political commitment to follow Moscow’s instructions exactly. The US presence on the list is only a matter of image, an attempt to give special and paramount credibility to relations with China and Turkey, countries with authoritarian and dictatorial regimes, which blatantly violate fundamental human rights and freedoms. These two regimes inspire the candidate for a new presidential term. Watch out! It is unfortunate that “the No. 1 star of Moldovan foreign policy” did not include in the list of strategic countries Bahamas, Maldives, Seychelles, United Arab Emirates, only he was there. But what about Mount Athos and Greece, where the pious Orthodox Dodon kept beating the rosary for the happy future of the “Moldovan people” in the flourishing Eurasian constellation, with internationally recognized permanent neutrality and the “liberating” Russian army?
5. COOPERATION WITH ROMANIA AND UKRAINE. After completely compromising relations with these two neighboring states, the “great strategist” in the field of foreign policy still believes that he would have any possibility to “energize” bilateral relations after he “dynamited” them definitively. The non-recognition of the territorial integrity of Ukraine by Dodon and the unforgivable (Bădărănești) attacks against Romania permanently disqualify the PCRM leader from establishing any more civilized relationship with the 2 countries. To take a back seat and intentionally ignore Romania’s fundamental contribution as Moldova’s main trading partner and selfless supporter in the European integration process denotes only reluctance and pathological hatred towards our common values, enshrined in the same language, culture and history. . This is what scares the anti-national Dodon the most in his relationship with Romania.
6. CONTINUED SUCCESSFUL COOPERATION WITH THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION. A demanding and responsible approach confirms the need to have a civilized relationship, based on mutual respect and the principles of international law, which must be maintained with the Russian Federation. But after the Russian occupation troops are illegally on our territory, after the hybrid war has found its most welcoming and favorable conjuncture in our country, after our fruits and vegetables are destroyed with bulldozers, and the fences at the bottom of Siberia are painted with our wines only because we wanted Moldovan products to reach the European market, after all this do you still consider that “Russia is the main strategic partner of the Republic of Moldova”? Servism and repulsive servitude with serious repercussions on the political, economic, social, but also territorial security of our state. This is what the representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, wants in condemnation. If he does not understand how we should proceed in relations with Russia, he should become acquainted with the example of the Baltic States.
7. DEVELOPMENT OF RELATIONS WITH THE STRUCTURES AND COUNTRIES OF THE EURASIAN ECONOMIC UNION. If for Igor Dodon the cheese and wool of the karakul sheep are so important, all he has to do is bring them and graze them on his multiple properties in Sadova and elsewhere, including his beloved party, PSRM. The Republic of Moldova can establish its economic relations with all the countries of the “brotherhood / CIS fraternal” on a mutually advantageous bilateral basis, however the several thousand documents approved within the CIS do not work at all and are no longer respected, first of all, by The Russian Federation.
8. DEVELOPING RELATIONS WITH THE EUROPEAN UNION. To give the European Union a marginal role, even a secondary one, when 70% of Moldovan products and goods are traded on the huge European market, and our fragile economy survives only thanks to the EU, tells us about the gross incompetence and ingratitude of the one who is still today still President of the Republic of Moldova. For Dodon, the Association Agreement and the Free Trade Agreement are worth almost nothing compared to his proverbial and compromised Eurasian economic union. Diminishing the EU’s role in the economy of the Republic of Moldova and in the lives of our citizens has become a major goal for the “Eurasian household in Sadova”.
9. PARTICIPATION IN THE ECONOMIC COOPERATION ORGANIZATION IN THE BLACK SEA. I have nothing more to say, because this amorphous regional organization is overwhelmingly dominated, in all respects, by the Russian Federation and Turkey. The conclusion came naturally to the surface. “Added Reniță.

In conclusion, Iurie Reniță mentions that through this “foreign policy agenda” President Dodon represents the interests of the Russian Federation and not of the Republic of Moldova.

“In conclusion, we will mention very clearly: Dodon’s foreign policy record, related to our true national interests, is directly proportional to the performance of” star No. 1 of Moldovan foreign policy “during his first and last term – 5 seconds of meetings on the halls of general and informal international meetings and forums and 3 seconds for pictures in / on the way to / from public places for physiological needs. People with basic training in International Relations and Diplomacy can easily notice that this Dodonist “work” in the field of foreign policy could be written by a Secretary III from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation or from the Russian Embassy in Chisinau. . The file expresses the interests and strategic objectives of the Russian Federation and, in no case, of the Republic of Moldova. In order to give more credibility to the file, I would suggest to the Russian oligarchic cannery, Igor Dodon, to ask his subordinate, the young communist Vladik Bătrâncea, urgently to go once again to Mount Athos and to “bless” the file, maybe Moscow will approve it, otherwise it is just a piece of cake and it does not deserve our attention and concern, but also yours”.

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