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Previous head of “Metalferos” breaks the silence: Plahotniuc took 70% of the income


Vladimir Plahotniuc was not satisfied with the little amounts, but took 70% of the revenues of the company “Metalferos”. Statements to this effect were made by Victor Ostap, the former director and current shareholder of “Metalferos”. In a television show, Ostap revealed in detail how the company came to be controlled by Vladimir Plahotniuc and his men. Moreover, Victor Ostap also made revelations regarding Plahotniuc – Voronin partnership.

This company worked very well until the 2005 elections. I knew my business well and things were well set up. After 2005, things went crazy. One day I was called by the Presidency and they asked me to present the trader contract. When I called Oleg Voronin, he told me to go and introduce him. When I came to the Presidency, in a few minutes Plahotniuc came together with Oleg Voronin “, said the former director of Metalferos

Victor Ostap, however, states that Vladimir Voronin did not know about Vladimir Plahotniuc’s connections with “Metalferos”. “

On that day, I was not received in Mr. Vladimir Voronin’s office” Oleg Voronin and Vladimir Plahotniuc and the trader contacted me. Oleg Voronin was interested and wanted to know who was behind the treids. Starting with 2006, we entered an absolutely unclear phase. From a company with a director, who was independent in decision-making, I became a limited in decisions and revenues. Plahotniuc put Andronache behind all this. He was responsible for everything, “Ostap said.

During the same period, Ostap also stated that the one who announced that he was forced to leave the position of director of the company was Sergiu Catan, Igor Dodon’s godfather.

“My end at” Metalferos “was because I was trying to ask Voronin for an explanation of what was happening. When they saw that I was asking for these things, Sergiu Catan told me that I had to release the position. 70% of Metalferos’ revenues remained in Plahotniuc. There was no further development. We had ambitious plans, money, but we had no freedom. I was stopped by Plahotniuc and Andronache. I ran away from Plahotniuc because I knew he wanted to silence me. Plahotniuc once spotted me and called me to discussions. It was a discussion between the teeth “, he pointed out.

We mention that, in the last 20 years, “Metalferos” has been repeatedly the target of accusations of corruption, being affiliated in recent years with the former leader of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), Vladimir Plahotniuc and people around him.

The documents show that, in the period 2015-2019, “Metalferos” received money from several companies, residents and non-residents. Thus, between January 2015 and September 2019, on the accounts opened with Victoriabank, “Moldavskii Metallurgicheschii Zavod” (MMZ), financial means were transferred to “Metalferos” in a total amount of about 2.169 billion lei.

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